The End Begins: “Fugitive” Recap

It’s been far too long, Grimmsters, but Grimm (and this blog) are back for the final 13 episodes–and it looks like we’re in for a whopper of a season.

Last May’s finale left us off with some interesting developments: Renard was named mayor, Nick came back form the dead (thanks, magic stick!), Black Claw leader Bonaparte was killed by Renard (who was being controlled by Diana), and Eve was saved with the magic stick (and she may be Juliette again).

So let’s hop right into “Fugitive,” shall we?

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”

As is customary in the world of Grimm, we picked up right where we left off–Nick is miraculously alive, thanks to the magic stick in his pocket, and Renard, under his daughter’s spell, kills Bonaparte.  Nick and Renard, now enemies, stare at each other for a moment, Renard wondering how Nick is alive and Nick wondering why Renard killed Bonaparte. Instead of a standoff between the two men, Renard leaves in a daze.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Scooby gang, unaware that Nick is alive, looks for a way out of the tunnels.  Monroe finds out, but Nick quickly joins them, but not before Trubel almost beheads him accidentally.

There’s an extremely tense scene between Adalind and Renard.  Renard returns home, still dazed by the night’s events, but with a keen awareness of what happened to him.  He suspects Diana’s involvement almost immediately…but how can you discipline a child who has complete control over you?

So, when Renard leaves, what does he do?  Immediately frame Nick for Bonaparte’s death, of course, and for the deaths in the precinct (which were actually Wu’s doing).  He orders the Portland PD to search for Nick.

We fell in love with Renard for his complexity to blur the distinctions between good and evil. He has always acted in his own best interests, but now he is pure evil, driven almost blindly by the will of Black Claw.  Until he perceives blood on his hands–a straightforward motif that may suggest a bit of morality exists within him.  But whose blood, even though it is not actual blood, is on his hands? Is it that of Nick’s or Bonaparte’s?  Does he regret his attempts to frame Nick for Bonaparte’s death or does he regret putting a damper in Black Claw’s plans in Portland?

Unbeknownst to Renard, his decision to scope out Nick’s whereabouts is met with some resistance by his department.  Officer Franco, who’s been in many episodes over the years, has always played a small role.  But he warns Hank and Wu about Renard’s plans, and encourages them to keep Nick safe.  “I don’t want to have anything to do with taking out one of our own,” he says, suggesting his support for Nick.

So where does this leave Nick?  After a call from a stressed Adalind calls him and says she needs him, he runs to her–literally, stopping by the house she and Renard share.  There is a genuine, tender Nadalind moment as they practically leap into each other’s arms and kiss.  Adalind is truly frightened and wants to keep her family safe and together.  Nick holds baby Kelly, if only for a moment.


Nadalind shippers everywhere are rejoicing.

Adalind mentions the cursed ring and how its magic can survive even though Bonaparte is dead–and I sat on the couch wondering why, of all the things happening in Portland right now, she’s concerned about that ring.  We’ll figure it out later, Adalind–I know it’s a symbol of an “engagement” you don’t want, but it’s not like Nick is particularly upset about it.

After learning about Renard’s plans, Nick, not officially on the run, goes to one location he believes he’s sure to stay safe–Wurstner’s Refrigerator Repair.  I personally enjoy any excuse to see Bud in an episode, even though I know, given his nervous nature, he isn’t the best person to hide a fugitive.  And, eventually, the Portland PD learns that Nick is [likely] hiding out at Bud’s shop.

Nick is also rather lucky that Hank and Wu are working in the precinct, because they can tell him when things go awry.  Renard attempts to threaten Hank and Wu, but Hank is ready for it.

The Scooby gang meets to plan some sort of diversion.  Their plan?  Have Bud transport a refrigerator that is large enough to fit a man in it and make it seem like Nick is inside it.  But when you’ve got cops chasing cops, you can’t really get much of a head start against your opponent.  Renard and other officers surround Bud’s shop.

“Take them down,” Renard says, and the screen fades to black.

Other notes:

I don’t know if we’ll fully understand the powers of the magic stick (though I think we’d all like to).  We definitely did get some hints about the extent of its power, though.

As we know, it saved both Nick and Eve.  But it seems to have some lingering effects on Eve.  For one, she seems to be getting some of her emotion back, but this is probably part of a larger issue.  Back at the spice shop, she touches a dead Black Claw member–and the dead man grips her arm.  In a very odd scene, the man has her in a literal “death grip” in a dark, smoky area, and it’s not until Rosalee cuts off the dead man’s arm that Eve is freed from this.  It turns out that the “death grip,” as it is officially called, sent her “pure soul” to the Underworld.

It may be worth your while to watch the scene for yourself.

It’s worthy to note that the dead Black Claw member had patterns on his face.  It becomes a plot point when Trubel shows the mysterious cloth to Eve, who, somehow, is able to decipher the faded patterns, as seen on the Black Claw member, on the cloth itself.  So it seems that trip to the Underworld was rather helpful…

Rachel Wood was found dead in her apartment.  And guess what…Renard’s fingerprints are all over it.  While we know Renard didn’t kill her (it was Diana), Renard may need to find a way to cover himself.  Or maybe he deserves to be falsely accused of her murder, just as he falsely accused Nick.  It would make for some interesting karma.

Next week, Nick becomes Renard!  Yeah, because we haven’t seen any weird side effects from that spell before.  (Also, #ShirtlessRage.)




Ghost Dog: “Inugami” Recap

There was A LOT going on in “Inugami,”so let’s break down all of the important events.

“Revenge us an act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice.”

Another week, another Wesen tradition.  This time, it’s the Inugami, a Japanese spirit dog that protects and seeks vengeance for a family it serves.

The case of the week starts with two teenagers.  One named Roger is trying to call his friend Brian, who refuses to talk to him and locks himself in a basement, playing video games for hours on end.  Brian’s parents, who are going out for the night, try to tell Brian that he should speak to Roger.

Once his parents leave, Brian is kidnapped, taken to a river, and buried up to his neck next to the river.  He is then decapitated with a katana, and his head is placed under a bridge.

After our heroes begin their investigation and ID Brian’s body, they question his parents.  And then the case starts to get a bit more interesting.

According to Brian’s parents, Brian and Roger were found guilty of criminally negligent homicide three weeks prior to Brian’s death.  Last year, they said, Brian, Roger, and their other friend Kuma were drinking and found a loaded gun.  Then the gun accidentally went off and Kuma was shot and killed.  Ever since that day, Brian had fallen into a deep depression, isolating himself from his family and friends.

Brian’s father claimed that Jin Akagi, Kuma’s father, said that Brian and Roger deserved to die for what they did to Kuma.  So Brian’s father believed that Jin killed Brian.

Nick and Hank visit the Akagi home, but they are unwilling to speak with detectives without their lawyer.  The Akagis are not responsible for Brian’s murder because they were at a fundraiser for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital (which is the hospital that is helped and supported by the Grimmster Endowment).

Roger’s account later in the story gave even more information.  Kuma had showed them one of his family’s swords, and Roger said he had an even better weapon to show them.  He found an old gun in his home, and Brian picked up the gun.  it accidentally went off, which scared Kuma, who woged in front of his friends.  Brian then dropped the gun, which went off again.  Then Kuma was shot and killed.

2016-04-16 (25)

This is a gorgeous Wesen.


At this point, Nick and Hank know that Wesen are involved.  They visit the Akagis again, who tell Nick and Hank about the legend of the Inugami, which acts as a guardian for a family. Their lawyer, Takeshi, is the Inugami who protects the Akagi family and is seeking vengeance for Kuma’s death.

Our heroes find and catch Takeshi as he is about to kill Roger.  And thus closes another case of the week.

Here are the other big moments from “Inugami”:

Adalind has a job interview at her old law firm.

Wesen law firm, I should say.  She brings Kelly along with her, and her old boss, who woges into a Lausenschlange, is glad that Adalind wants to return to work.  She woges, too, but baby Kelly doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact, he smiles when he sees his mama woge.  It’s actually very cute, because he sees his mom, not a monster.

2016-04-16 (13)

*attempts to contain uncontrollable laughter that comes as a result of seeing an adorable baby smile*



If we see Wu in his apartment, then something bad is probably going to happen.  Either Wu is having some weird dreams or we saw his first outing as a lycanthrope.  There were no dead bodies aside from Brian’s that would have suggested that Wu hurt anyone, but he did leave behind some leaf clutter in his apartment.

2016-04-16 (9)

This is not good.


“If you hurt Nick, I will come for you.”

As part of her brainwashing by HW, no doubt, Eve was rather protective over Nick in this episode, particularly when it came to Adalind.  In the beginning of the episode, Eve met Nick in his car and warned him about Renard’s collaboration with Black Claw.

But she also reminded him that the suppressant Adalind took would not last much longer.  And once Adalind became a full Hexenbiest again, she would not be the same.  Nick, slightly wary, reminds Eve that he’s been there, done that with a Hexenbiest transformation before.

Later, Rosalee tells Nick and Monroe about the incident with Tony and Adalind in the spice shop while they were in Germany.  Once Nick realizes that Adalind has been keeping her slow transformation back into a Hexenbiest a secret from him for some time, he becomes wary–almost distrusting.

Rosalee, ever the voice of reason, tells Nick that Adalind is scared.  But Nick, who’s been heartbroken once by a very similar situation, is understandably uneasy.  I can understand why both Adalind and Nick are keeping secrets, but it would be better for both of them–but great for their son–if they communicated with each other.  Then again, this is a television drama we’re watching.

Later, while Nick is out working the case of the week, Eve visits Adalind at the fome, armed with two warnings.  One: Black Claw will try to approach Adalind and draw her in (which Adalind has some idea of, considering her conversation with Renard about Diana a few episodes ago).  Two: If Adalind hurts Nick, Eve will come for her.

2016-04-16 (33).png

I guess Eve is trying to make up for all of the deplorable things she did to Nick while she was still Juliette.

I’m not spending the night down here.  And I have to pee.”

Nick desperately wants to know what exactly the tunnels at the fome lead to.  While he’s busy with the case and Adalind is at a job interview at her old law firm, he enlists the help of Monroe and Rosalee to investigate the tunnels themselves.  He wanted them to look at the tunnels while Adalind was not home, because he can’t even trust the mother of his son.

I’m not quite sure how long they were down in the tunnels, but they did manage to find a new friend.

2016-04-16 (22)

Should we give him/her a name?


And they also managed to get stuck in the tunnels after they heard Adalind come back home from her job interview.  Fun times.


Ah, yes, you read that correctly.  Rachel Wood has done her job well, hasn’t she?  At the end of the episode, Renard comes home, but Rachel is already waiting for him at the top of the stairs.  And, somehow, she has Diana with her.

2016-04-16 (34)

Someone please explain her rapid aging to me.


The last time we saw Diana, she was a toddler in a helicopter being taken by Meisner to who-knows-where.  And now both Meisner and Diana are in Portland and we don’t really know how either of them got there.  unless that helicopter never did get very far.

Renard seems genuinely surprised and happy to see his daughter, though whether it’s because he really wanted to see her or it’s for his power grab is yet to be determined.  And, despite being separated from him for her entire life, Diana runs into her father’s arms (ok, but it’s kinda cute).

2016-04-16 (37)

Because I’m skeptical of Renard’s motivations, I can’t tell if this is a truly tender moment. 


Well, Renard has the daughter, but now he needs the wife to complete that happy family.  And I think we know just the person to fill that role.


Turning point: #Grimm100 Recap

Once upon a time, Nicholas Burkhardt, a detective for the Portland police department, led a pretty simple life.  While out with Hank, his partner, on one seemingly normal day, telling Hank that he was planning to propose to his longtime girlfriend, he watched a woman transform into a monster.

And then, later that evening, his aunt Marie came to visit him.  His aunt told him of his ancestry, revealing that he was a Grimm who could see the monsters–Wesen–hidden within some people.  She her entire trailer of Grimm books and weapons to him to get him started on his journey of self-discovery.

And for almost five years since that night, Nicholas Burkhardt’s life has never been the same.  We have watched him befriend a Wesen who became his best friend, struggle to find normalcy in his new life, and learn about and solve cases involving all different types of Wesen.  We have watched people in Nick’s life adapt to this new (Grimm) reality.  We have watched Nick suffer through loss and heartbreak, but we have also seen him grow into his identity as a Grimm.

But the most important artifact that aunt Marie gave to Nick was a single key that contained a piece of a map on it.  Over the past five years of Grimm, the keys have not always played a central role to the show–at times, it felt as if the show forgot they existed.

But this was not the case in Grimm‘s spectacular 100th episode.  It is a true turning point, for we finally know what the seven keys (or, in our case, five) led to.

So let’s talk “Into the Schwarzwald,” shall we?

“What’s past is prologue.”

Here are the episode’s highlights:

  1. Our favorite Grimm and Blutbad dream team find the treasure hidden by the seven ancient Grimms.

Last week, Nick and Monroe fell into a pit that led them into the catacombs of an old church.  This week, they investigated the space, which was filled with skulls and bones.  They attempt to search for the treasure like pirates by searching for an “X,” but soon realize that this is of no use.

Nick, equipped with an understanding of old superstitions about how uncomfortable people 800 years ago would have felt without light in the catacombs, suggests that he and Monroe turn off their lanterns.  Monroe agrees that no one would have dared travel through the catacombs without a torch, so they turn off their lanterns.

When they do this, not an “X,” but a “G” marks the spot of the treasure.


Lights out.

Seven points for seven Grimms for seven keys.


Lights on.

When they boys turn their lanterns back on, they see that the seven skulls on this lovely and not at all creepy display are facing the other way.  Oh, those ancient Grimms were so clever.  But what is it that they are facing?  Nick and Monroe start taking out the skulls to find out.

Treasure 2

The differences in their reactions say it all.

The skulls hid a shield, which guarded this treasure chest.  Unfortunately, the boys can’t open it immediately after they find it, because Monroe didn’t bring his lock picks to Germany!

Nevertheless, Monroe’s reactions to witnessing this great history are hilarious and fantastic.

2. We get a glimpse into Rosalee’s past and Adalind’s future.

Rosalee and Adalind are together at the spice shop, both anxiously awaiting a phone call from Nick and Monroe.  Suddenly, while they’re working, Tony, the man from Rosalee’s past who sent her letters, stops by the spice shop looking for $5000 from Rosalee.  He claims that she owes him the money because he went to jail for her.

But Rosalee wants Tony to leave.  Angered by her refusal, Tony attacks Rosalee, then goes after Adalind.

Bad move, Tony.  Adalind doesn’t full-on woge, but her Hexenbiest powers give Tony a little preview of what she can do to him.

Adalind and Tony

Meanwhile, Adalind is horrified that the suppressant is wearing off.

Tony runs out of the spice shop, and we’re left to wonder if he’ll try to show up again.

After the altercation, Adalind is scared.  She admits to Rosalee that being a Hexenbiest completely alters her mind.  She is also afraid that Nick will kick her and Kelly out of their home if her powers return.

Adalind should know by now that Nick is a good man, but her Wesen instinct tells her that as a Grimm, he will hate her.

Rosalee tries to find a way to strengthen the suppressant, but comes up short on a remedy.

3.  Will Renard become a politician?

This week, we learn that it was part Rachel Wood’s plan to kill Andrew Dixon.  Remind me to never hire her as a campaign manager.

All along, I thought that Andrew Dixon was a part of Black Claw. But no. Black Claw was after Andrew Dixon.  And why?  To bring Renard to power.

Even after learning that Rachel was part of the scheme to kill Dixon, Renard invites her into his very nice home.  She and Lucien, the man who worked with the assassin Marwan Hanano to kill Dixon, show Renard their plan for him: to make Renard the mayor or Portland.


Modeled after Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign posters.

The question for Renard is: What will he do?  There still seems to be a royal part of him that wants power and prestige.

4. The Scooby gang opens the treasure chest.

Nick and Monroe make it back to Portland safely, for the most part.  Monroe was bitten by a Wesen in the Black Forest, but he tried to avoid thinking about the gaping wound on his arm.

Monroe picks the two locks that don’t have their respective keys.  Nick, Monroe, Hank, Rosalee, and Wu all gather around the chest, like so:


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate this shot.  So good.

They each turn their keys at the same time, but the chest doesn’t open.  It is protected by a sealant that can only be removed by the blood of a Grimm.  Man, these ancient Grimms really didn’t want anyone getting in this chest.  So Nick takes a knife to his finger and runs it around the sealed edges of the chest.

And viola, it opens!  There’s a cloth inside that covers the treasure, which is…….(drumroll, please)……

A stick.

No, I’m not making this up.

Really, see it for yourself.

“Maybe it’s a stick-mata?” Wu says with his usual [hilarious] snark. “Sorry, that was a stretch.”

Yes, for a moment it seems like a short, unassuming stick.

But then Monroe begins to go into shock because he has blood poisoning from the bite.

Everyone rallies around Monroe to help him.  Nick, who is holding the stick, holds Monroe by his arm.

And then, magically, Monroe’s bite begins to heal.  So now the short, unassuming stick is a Magical Healing Stick of Destiny.  This is what the ancient Grimms have had hidden for over 800 years,

And now our very own Grimm possesses control over it.

I’m interested to see if we can learn about the history of this treasure itself and what its original intent was.  And perhaps it contains more powers that we have not yet unveiled?




Series-changing, indeed: #Grimm “Wesen Nacht” Recap

“Awake, arise, or be forever fall’n.”

A few hours prior to “Wesen Nacht,” the great fall finale of season 5, the cast and crew promised us that the episode would be series-changing.

And Grimm certainly delivered on that promise, of course–but not until the last few minutes, in true Grimm fashion.

So, be warned: If you have not seen the fall finale yet, there will be  MAJOR spoilers ahead. 

There really wasn’t a case of the week, because everything connected directly to the overarching plot of the season.

But we did start out with a rogue Wesen gang led by a Skalengeck.  As part of the Wesen uprising, they targeted local shops owned by Wesen.  This band of Wesen attacked a flower shop and killed its owner, Ken Honeycut. They also kidnapped a man named Xavier, who turns out to be Monrosalee’s friend (more on that later).

Back at the paint factory household, Trubel explains what she has been up to since she left Portland.

Trubel food.jpg

Trubel still has her appetite, so she seems to be doing well.


She was recruited into Hadrian’s Wall, a global government group that is fighting against a worldwide Wesen revolution.  Basically, Trubel has been acting as an undercover agent for HW, kicking Wesen ass.

Naturally, I was interested to see why the group was called “Hadrian’s Wall,” so I googled the name.

It turns out that Hadrian’s Wall was an actual wall built by the Romans.  Feel free to read more here:

So, symbolically, the group Hadrian’s Wall is trying to act as a barrier against the Wesen revolutionaries.

Also, HW has been tracking Nick, of course.  They knw about Adalind and Kelly, but aren’t concerned about them.  HW does want Nick on their side, though.

A while later, Nick has to become involved with the investigation.  Nick, Hank, and Wu start looking into the flower shop murder and shop raids.  When they learn that Xavier, a bakery shop owner, is missing, they check out the bakery.  And what do they find?

Well, that claw mark. What else could it be?

At the paint factory, Trubel and Adalind have a little heart-to-heart.  Trubel doesn’t know that much about Adalind (which is great for Adalind), but asks if she has feelings for Nick.  Adalind stumbles over her words.  Meanwhile, as this is happening, I groan quietly in the background.

In much more exciting news, though, we learn that Trubel was commissioned by HW to kill Juliette.  But she did also save Nick’s life by killing Juliette.  Adalind promises to keep this a secret, but Nick will have to find out eventually.  We need Trubel and Nick to trust each other–if she kept this from him for too long, it could have the potential to harm their friendship.

Back into the investigation, Nick, Hank, and Wu seek out the help of Rosalee and Monroe, who say that they know Xavier well.  They aren’t sure why anyone would want to attack him, but this is the Wesen uprising we’re dealing with, after all.

For all you Renard fans out there, there’s a nice shot of him looking directly into the camera as he films a commercial to endorse Andrew Dixon for mayor.  Since this is a recurring plot point for the Captain, I have to wonder what importance it serves to the show.  is it a way for the Captain to receive a promotion, or is it something more?  What if, for instance, Andrew Dixon was part of the Wesen uprising?

Captain .jpg

Looking good, Captain.


Grimm then gets even deeper into its mythology (which I live for here as a Grimm blogger).  Most of the major riots in history were caused by Wesen.  I got a flashback of that time Nick found an old tape in the trailer (RIP, trailer) and learned that Hitler was a Blutbad.

For the first time in a while, we get a moment in which Wu is the only character in a scene.  He finds a bloodied Xavier, who ends up telling the Scooby gang what happened with his captors.

Xavier says that he managed to escape from them.  What actually happened was that the Wesen gang threatened him into identifying Monroe in a picture.

When will our dear Monrosalee ever get a break?

Given his nervous demeanor, though, the Scooby gang believes him.  Xavier identifies one of his captors after some persuasion from Monroe and Rosalee.  One of his captors was a woman named Billie Trump, played by Madeline Brewer–she was Tricia Miller on Orange is the New Black. 

Xavier is a disgusting blobfish Wesen called a Hasenfussige Schnecke.  I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce that.

Blobfish Wesen

This thing is uglier than a Lebensauger.


After some heavy interrogation from Nick and Hank, Billie gives some information about the gang.  She gives a call to the gang leader with Nick and Hank watching over, pretending that she has been released from prison and is returning to the group.

Nick, Hank, Wu, Renard, and Monroe go to investigate the gang’s secret warehouse.  Rosalee drives Xavier home.

During their drive, Xavier admits to Rosalee that the rest of the Scooby gang is going into a trap.  Bree Turner has a great moment on screen.

Once the boys and Billie have arrived at the warehouse, Rosalee calls Monroe to warn them that they’re in danger.  But it’s already too late.  They’re ambushed by the Wesen gang.

The boys manage to lock themselves in a spare room in the warehouse, trying to think of a plan.  They don’t want to waste bullets, and Monroe says he’ll take on anyone they can’t handle.

They hear a scream outside, and Nick goes to investigate.  He’s attacked again, and just when it seems like Nick is going to lose, his attacker is hurtled into the air and dropped to the ground by some foreign force.

Then we see a hand that’s controlling this force.

And in the last minute of the show, before the ending credits, a woman in a platinum blonde wig steps forward.

Juliette Eve.jpg



It’s Juliette (or, at least, it looks like Juliette).

Nick, with a look on his face that shows both shock and relief, says her name.


This face says so much.


But then she runs off. Meanwhile, while this is happening, I am screaming with excitement in the background.

This confirms that Bitsie Tulloch is back on the show!  Oh, how happy I was to see her again!

This article on TVLine says that Bitsie is not [technically] back as Juliette, but as a character named Eve.

What I really think happened is that HW brainwashed her, made her believe that she was a good Hexenbiest, and gave her a new name.  After all, she no emotional connections to any of the characters, but she still has Juliette’s memories.  This way, the writers and crew can say that Juliette is [technically] dead.

Grimm returns January 22.  Until then, happy holidays to all of you, my readers!

What an intense hour of television: “Cry Havoc” Recap

“Grimm” has officially made me cry.  I see this as a rite of passage for this show–if I am truly invested in a show, then it will, at some point, make me cry.

Warning, Grimmsters: If you have not seen the finale, then you’re reading this at your own risk.

Everyone in the Scooby gang is a badass, even Bud, in his own special way.  We pick up right where we left off, with Nick screaming over his mother’s head in the box.  Trubel warns that this could be a trap, and she’s right–there are Hundjagers waiting to attack him.  Nick, Trubel, and Hank manage to escape.

Juliette brings Diana to King Frederick.  She never seems truly comfortable with what she’s doing, and when the king learns that his minions missed out on their chance to kill Nick, Juliette smirks.  Is there humanity left within her?  It’s too ambiguous, and Bitsie is so great at showing that.

The Scooby squad becomes a bit unethical, looking for a way to frame Prince Kenneth so they can get him into custody.  It’s a very elaborate plan, so I’ll try to break it down:

1. They wrap up the head of the man, found under a dumpster, that Trubel killed.

2. They get Adalind to pose as a hotel guest at the same hotel that the royals are staying at.

3. Adalind places the head in a closet and fakes her own surprise.

4. Nick, Hank, and Wu show up as the cops on the scene and “question” Adalind.

5. The Portland PD is awesome and arrests Kenneth.

After all of this is said and done, Wu drives Kenneth out of Portland, to an empty warehouse, where Nick is waiting for him.  Sure, it’s unethical, but this is “Grimm,” and Nick deserves revenge over his mother’s death.  After a succinct fight scene (just fists and nothing else), Nick stabs Kenneth in his neck and kills him.

Bye bye, Kenny.

Bye bye, Kenny.

While this is going on, our poor Renard is dealing with the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper case.  He feels guilty for killing all of those women, but he also doesn’t want to be arrested, because he wasn’t really killing those women.  Two of his detectives are working the case and aren’t going to stop until they find answers.  They’re looking for a tall man with a British accent.  Well, well, isn’t it convenient that Nick happened to kill a tall man with a British accent?  You’re even useful after your death, Kenneth.

The Scooby gang learns that the royals have rented a mansion just outside of Portland (and also outside the Portland PD’s jurisdiction).  That means, of course, that ‘s time to kill some royals and get Diana back.  Nick, Hank, Trubel, and Monroe all pile into Nick’s truck, while Adalind, Bud, and Rosalee stay behind at Bud’s house to keep Adalind protected.  Unfortunately, Rosalee is underutilized in this episode.  I would have loved to have seen her take down some royals, but if anyone had shown up at Bud’s house to attack them, I know she would have saved them all.

NIck, Hank, Trubel, and Monroe notice that a car is following behind them.  Their justified paranoia leads them to believe that it’s an enemy following them.  It’s actually Wu, who announces that he’s left his badge at home.  Wu wants vengeance for Kelly’s death, too.  Aw, Wu, you’re such a great friend.

And he brought a shotgun. Wu is such a badass.

And he brought a shotgun. Wu is such a badass.

The fight with the royals in the mansion is a lot of fun.  Wu gets to use his shotgun and Hank kills Marcus Rispoli, the head of the Verrat.  Nick tries to catch up with the king and Juliette, who has Diana, as they board a helicopter, but it flies away before he can reach them.

Inside the helicopter, King Frederick talks to Diana, but she uses her powers to turn his reflection in a window into a skull, foreshadowing his death.  Then, the pilot of the helicopter pushes the king out of the helicopter.  The pilot takes off his helmet and reveals that he is…



If you don’t remember Meisner, there’s a short flashback sequence of Meisner helping deliver Diana when she was born.  He kept Adalind safe in Austria and worked for the Resistance.  So while we don’t know what will happen to Diana, we know she is safe with Meisner.  Maybe he’ll return her to Adalind at the beginning of the next season.

You know, Grimmsters, as we approached the end of the finale, I thought I was going to be okay.  I thought that Kelly Burkhardt and Prince Kenneth were the two character deaths that had been teased for so long.

And then the last two minutes happened.  I know “Grimm” has the tendency to leave the most intense/insane moments just before the end of the hour.  But this…oh, Grimmsters, this was awful.

Juliette must have just dropped Diana off with king Frederick in that helicopter, because somehow she was there when Nick returned home.  At first, it seemed like the real Juliette was coming back.  She tries to tell Nick that she didn’t realize Kenneth was going to have Kelly killed, but Nick goes for her throat.  Ultimately, he can’t kill her, because deep down, he still loves her.  Juliette almost begs for death, but then the Hexenbiest takes over and attacks him.  Nick refuses to hurt her.  Just as she is about to take one final strike, Trubel emerges with the crossbow and shoots Juliette twice.

Yeah, this doesn't look good for Juliette.

Yeah, this doesn’t look good for Juliette.

I cried, Grimmsters.  It was a combination of not wanting Juliette to die, not wanting to see Nick so heartbroken, and not wanting Bitsie to leave the show.

“Is Juliette really dead, though?” some of you may ask.  Well, we may not seem her take her last breath, but this show promised us a major character death.

Um, but why is Agent Chavez outside of Nick’s house?  Was she the one on the phone with Trubel?

All in all, this was a great finale episode.  But I’m really going to miss Bitsie Tulloch.

Even though it’s the end of the season, Grimmsters, I’ll still be writing blog posts for you all during the summer break.  We’re all going to need something to cure our Grimm withdrawals, right?

“Grimm” parodies ghost-hunting shows, but Juliette steals the show

“Death Do Us Part” started out as a blatant parody of ghost hunting shows (like Ghost Hunters on SyFy or Ghost Adventures on Travel).  Three “Ghost Seekers,” as they call themselves, search for ghosts in an abandoned house with their own handheld cameras.  The leader of the group is intentionally over-dramatic with his delivery of facts on the haunted house.  It’s all very clever satire on the part of the Grimm writers.  The Ghost Seekers hark back to the [in]famous Ghostfacers from Supernatural.

The electric eel-type Wesen of the week is called the Matanca Zumbido.  The man behind the woge, Stetson, was delusional, constantly remembering his dead wife through flashbacks.  But hey, at least he can light up an entire house (maybe he’s a possible alternative energy source?).

I think we can all agree that we need it to offset the intensity of the plot.  With season 4, not only do we get our cases, but we get plenty of plot, too.  Juliette was the center of the plot this week (and if you’ve seen my other blog posts, you’ll know that this makes me very happy).  She is trying to come to terms with her new Hexenbiest self, which is turning out to be a strong storyline, by turning to Renard.  Usually my favorite line from an episode comes from Wu or Monroe, but tonight, it  came from Juliette after she blew up a man’s car.  “Did I do that? I didn’t do that. Did I?” Bitsie’s delivery of this line conveyed the innocence that Juliette has and her own uncertainty  with her powers. I look forward to the continuing evolution of Juliette.

Meanwhile, she’s struggling with the fear in the back of her mind that Nick will find out what she is and try to kill her.  She isn’t herself, and–I think–Nick seems to notice, but he is too caught up in case work to ask her.  The end of the episode leads Juliette to a mysterious woman named Henrietta–will she help Juliette or try to make her evil?  I would think that Renard is trying to help Juliette, but I still don’t know which side he is on.

Wu is really trying to be a helpful contribution to the Wesen case.  Even he spends his free time in the trailer, and he even recognizes the Matanca Zumbido before Nick and Hank are able to go to the trailer.  Luckily, his sense of humor hasn’t changed.

Other highlights:

  • We saw Monroe and Rosalee for like a millisecond.  Finally, finally, they are enjoying their honeymoon.  It only took half a season.
  • Shirtless Nick.
  • Shirtless Renard–even if it was because his former bullet wounds were bleeding.  It wasn’t quite #ShirtlessRage, but who cares? Looks like his mother’s spell isn’t holding up.

Next week, a bounty hunter (looks like a Manticore) comes after Nick, and it looks like Juliette is involved, too.  Something tells me Juliette’s going to be the one to finish this bounty hunter off. But will Nick find out she’s a Hexenbiest?