The End Begins: “Fugitive” Recap

It’s been far too long, Grimmsters, but Grimm (and this blog) are back for the final 13 episodes–and it looks like we’re in for a whopper of a season.

Last May’s finale left us off with some interesting developments: Renard was named mayor, Nick came back form the dead (thanks, magic stick!), Black Claw leader Bonaparte was killed by Renard (who was being controlled by Diana), and Eve was saved with the magic stick (and she may be Juliette again).

So let’s hop right into “Fugitive,” shall we?

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”

As is customary in the world of Grimm, we picked up right where we left off–Nick is miraculously alive, thanks to the magic stick in his pocket, and Renard, under his daughter’s spell, kills Bonaparte.  Nick and Renard, now enemies, stare at each other for a moment, Renard wondering how Nick is alive and Nick wondering why Renard killed Bonaparte. Instead of a standoff between the two men, Renard leaves in a daze.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Scooby gang, unaware that Nick is alive, looks for a way out of the tunnels.  Monroe finds out, but Nick quickly joins them, but not before Trubel almost beheads him accidentally.

There’s an extremely tense scene between Adalind and Renard.  Renard returns home, still dazed by the night’s events, but with a keen awareness of what happened to him.  He suspects Diana’s involvement almost immediately…but how can you discipline a child who has complete control over you?

So, when Renard leaves, what does he do?  Immediately frame Nick for Bonaparte’s death, of course, and for the deaths in the precinct (which were actually Wu’s doing).  He orders the Portland PD to search for Nick.

We fell in love with Renard for his complexity to blur the distinctions between good and evil. He has always acted in his own best interests, but now he is pure evil, driven almost blindly by the will of Black Claw.  Until he perceives blood on his hands–a straightforward motif that may suggest a bit of morality exists within him.  But whose blood, even though it is not actual blood, is on his hands? Is it that of Nick’s or Bonaparte’s?  Does he regret his attempts to frame Nick for Bonaparte’s death or does he regret putting a damper in Black Claw’s plans in Portland?

Unbeknownst to Renard, his decision to scope out Nick’s whereabouts is met with some resistance by his department.  Officer Franco, who’s been in many episodes over the years, has always played a small role.  But he warns Hank and Wu about Renard’s plans, and encourages them to keep Nick safe.  “I don’t want to have anything to do with taking out one of our own,” he says, suggesting his support for Nick.

So where does this leave Nick?  After a call from a stressed Adalind calls him and says she needs him, he runs to her–literally, stopping by the house she and Renard share.  There is a genuine, tender Nadalind moment as they practically leap into each other’s arms and kiss.  Adalind is truly frightened and wants to keep her family safe and together.  Nick holds baby Kelly, if only for a moment.


Nadalind shippers everywhere are rejoicing.

Adalind mentions the cursed ring and how its magic can survive even though Bonaparte is dead–and I sat on the couch wondering why, of all the things happening in Portland right now, she’s concerned about that ring.  We’ll figure it out later, Adalind–I know it’s a symbol of an “engagement” you don’t want, but it’s not like Nick is particularly upset about it.

After learning about Renard’s plans, Nick, not officially on the run, goes to one location he believes he’s sure to stay safe–Wurstner’s Refrigerator Repair.  I personally enjoy any excuse to see Bud in an episode, even though I know, given his nervous nature, he isn’t the best person to hide a fugitive.  And, eventually, the Portland PD learns that Nick is [likely] hiding out at Bud’s shop.

Nick is also rather lucky that Hank and Wu are working in the precinct, because they can tell him when things go awry.  Renard attempts to threaten Hank and Wu, but Hank is ready for it.

The Scooby gang meets to plan some sort of diversion.  Their plan?  Have Bud transport a refrigerator that is large enough to fit a man in it and make it seem like Nick is inside it.  But when you’ve got cops chasing cops, you can’t really get much of a head start against your opponent.  Renard and other officers surround Bud’s shop.

“Take them down,” Renard says, and the screen fades to black.

Other notes:

I don’t know if we’ll fully understand the powers of the magic stick (though I think we’d all like to).  We definitely did get some hints about the extent of its power, though.

As we know, it saved both Nick and Eve.  But it seems to have some lingering effects on Eve.  For one, she seems to be getting some of her emotion back, but this is probably part of a larger issue.  Back at the spice shop, she touches a dead Black Claw member–and the dead man grips her arm.  In a very odd scene, the man has her in a literal “death grip” in a dark, smoky area, and it’s not until Rosalee cuts off the dead man’s arm that Eve is freed from this.  It turns out that the “death grip,” as it is officially called, sent her “pure soul” to the Underworld.

It may be worth your while to watch the scene for yourself.

It’s worthy to note that the dead Black Claw member had patterns on his face.  It becomes a plot point when Trubel shows the mysterious cloth to Eve, who, somehow, is able to decipher the faded patterns, as seen on the Black Claw member, on the cloth itself.  So it seems that trip to the Underworld was rather helpful…

Rachel Wood was found dead in her apartment.  And guess what…Renard’s fingerprints are all over it.  While we know Renard didn’t kill her (it was Diana), Renard may need to find a way to cover himself.  Or maybe he deserves to be falsely accused of her murder, just as he falsely accused Nick.  It would make for some interesting karma.

Next week, Nick becomes Renard!  Yeah, because we haven’t seen any weird side effects from that spell before.  (Also, #ShirtlessRage.)




Regurgitating bones: “Good to the Bone” Recap

“The evil that men do lives after them; it is oft interred with their bones.”

Hasenfussige Schnecke, Musasat Alsh-Shabab, and now the new Wesen, the Barbatus Ossifrage.  It seems as if the entire Grimm production crew’s whole goal for season 5 is to gross us out as much as possible.

Note to Grimm execs: It’s working.

The Barbatus Ossifrage, the Wesen of the week, is a vulture-like Wesen that preys on the wounded who are facing inevitable death.  This week, a man named Charlie is our vulture, going after the wounded.

But he has to hurt his victims even more before he can consume them.  Politely, of course, he tells his victims that he regrets what he must do.  And then he runs them over with his car…twice.  But this is all part of the process, you see.  He has to crush his victim’s bones before he can digest them internally.

So what’s the end goal in all of this?  Well, Charlie has some pretty terrible parents.  And he has to feed them because they’re always so hungry.  And how does he feed them?  By regurgitating the bones of the victims he’s consumed, after all.


Thankfully, though, the case of the week portion of the episode doesn’t take itself too seriously (how could you with this subject matter?).  When Nick, Hank, and Wu find a victim who’s been de-boned, Nick says, “Well, this guy just got boned.”  (Look, Nick, we get that you’re a father now, but you really don’t have to start with the dad jokes.)

The best running joke of the night has to do with Monroe and a “perfume” concocted by Rosalee.  The Barbatus Ossifrage, as a vulture, is attracted to the scent of death.  In order to get Charlie to our heroes, they decide that someone needs to be offered as fake bait to the Barbatus Ossifrage.  They call agree on Monroe, because he’s always the sacrifice.  Rosalee makes the death perfume and Monroe wears it (but it doesn’t even end up working anyway because the Barbatus Ossifrage goes after Wu).  Needless to say, everyone has a hilarious reaction to the “perfume” and jokes about Monroe’s stench throughout the episode.  And at the end, once the case is finished, Nick and Hank joke that Monroe won’t be going home with them because of the scent he’d leave in their cars.

Karma is also a factor in this episode.  Charlie is killed by being hit by a car.  And, when Nick and Hank take Charlie’s parents to the morgue to see their dead son, they consume his bones because they’re such great parents.

Let’s spend more time talking about what happened outside of the case of the week.

Hank reconnects with Zuri, his former physical therapist.

Oh, look, a nice break from Nadalind!  While shopping in the frozen food section of the grocery store, Hank runs into Zuri.  They have a dinner date at her house.  Zuri likes that Hank isn’t bothered that she is Wesen.

I don’t know what will come out of this.  Is she with Black Claw?  Will Hank really find love?  Only time will tell.

We’ve got ourselves a WuWolf.

We witnessed a full transformation of Wu.


Next week’s episode is, “The Taming of the Wu.”  Now, there’s no cure for lycanthropia, as we’ve learned.

So how exactly are we going to tame Wu?  Lock him up monthly?

Renard is back to his old self again.

Oh, Renard.  You are the least trustworthy character, but you are also the most compelling.  Renard calls Adalind and tells her to meet with him, alone, at a designated location.  Not sketchy at all.

And despite her reservations about his motivations, Adalind drops off Kelly with aunt Rosalee (I really want a scene of Rosalee babysitting) and goes off to meet Renard in a dark parking garage.

Adalind and Renard.jpg

This is going to end well.

Renard, who knows that Adalind does not trust him, kidnaps her (always the answer!) and takes her to an undisclosed location.  Adalind calls him a bastard.  I agree with her (and so does he).

Renard brings Diana to Adalind, and, like his reunion with his daughter last week, Diana runs to her mother and gives her a warm embrace.  And, just like that, Adalind is probably sucked in to Renard’s scheme.

Adalind and Diana.jpg

And somehow, Diana recognizes her parents.

The big question is, who will be hurt because of this?

Next week *seems* to be all about Diana, which is actually pretty exciting.  Maybe we’ll find out where she has been this whole time?


Ghost Dog: “Inugami” Recap

There was A LOT going on in “Inugami,”so let’s break down all of the important events.

“Revenge us an act of passion, vengeance is an act of justice.”

Another week, another Wesen tradition.  This time, it’s the Inugami, a Japanese spirit dog that protects and seeks vengeance for a family it serves.

The case of the week starts with two teenagers.  One named Roger is trying to call his friend Brian, who refuses to talk to him and locks himself in a basement, playing video games for hours on end.  Brian’s parents, who are going out for the night, try to tell Brian that he should speak to Roger.

Once his parents leave, Brian is kidnapped, taken to a river, and buried up to his neck next to the river.  He is then decapitated with a katana, and his head is placed under a bridge.

After our heroes begin their investigation and ID Brian’s body, they question his parents.  And then the case starts to get a bit more interesting.

According to Brian’s parents, Brian and Roger were found guilty of criminally negligent homicide three weeks prior to Brian’s death.  Last year, they said, Brian, Roger, and their other friend Kuma were drinking and found a loaded gun.  Then the gun accidentally went off and Kuma was shot and killed.  Ever since that day, Brian had fallen into a deep depression, isolating himself from his family and friends.

Brian’s father claimed that Jin Akagi, Kuma’s father, said that Brian and Roger deserved to die for what they did to Kuma.  So Brian’s father believed that Jin killed Brian.

Nick and Hank visit the Akagi home, but they are unwilling to speak with detectives without their lawyer.  The Akagis are not responsible for Brian’s murder because they were at a fundraiser for the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital (which is the hospital that is helped and supported by the Grimmster Endowment).

Roger’s account later in the story gave even more information.  Kuma had showed them one of his family’s swords, and Roger said he had an even better weapon to show them.  He found an old gun in his home, and Brian picked up the gun.  it accidentally went off, which scared Kuma, who woged in front of his friends.  Brian then dropped the gun, which went off again.  Then Kuma was shot and killed.

2016-04-16 (25)

This is a gorgeous Wesen.


At this point, Nick and Hank know that Wesen are involved.  They visit the Akagis again, who tell Nick and Hank about the legend of the Inugami, which acts as a guardian for a family. Their lawyer, Takeshi, is the Inugami who protects the Akagi family and is seeking vengeance for Kuma’s death.

Our heroes find and catch Takeshi as he is about to kill Roger.  And thus closes another case of the week.

Here are the other big moments from “Inugami”:

Adalind has a job interview at her old law firm.

Wesen law firm, I should say.  She brings Kelly along with her, and her old boss, who woges into a Lausenschlange, is glad that Adalind wants to return to work.  She woges, too, but baby Kelly doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact, he smiles when he sees his mama woge.  It’s actually very cute, because he sees his mom, not a monster.

2016-04-16 (13)

*attempts to contain uncontrollable laughter that comes as a result of seeing an adorable baby smile*



If we see Wu in his apartment, then something bad is probably going to happen.  Either Wu is having some weird dreams or we saw his first outing as a lycanthrope.  There were no dead bodies aside from Brian’s that would have suggested that Wu hurt anyone, but he did leave behind some leaf clutter in his apartment.

2016-04-16 (9)

This is not good.


“If you hurt Nick, I will come for you.”

As part of her brainwashing by HW, no doubt, Eve was rather protective over Nick in this episode, particularly when it came to Adalind.  In the beginning of the episode, Eve met Nick in his car and warned him about Renard’s collaboration with Black Claw.

But she also reminded him that the suppressant Adalind took would not last much longer.  And once Adalind became a full Hexenbiest again, she would not be the same.  Nick, slightly wary, reminds Eve that he’s been there, done that with a Hexenbiest transformation before.

Later, Rosalee tells Nick and Monroe about the incident with Tony and Adalind in the spice shop while they were in Germany.  Once Nick realizes that Adalind has been keeping her slow transformation back into a Hexenbiest a secret from him for some time, he becomes wary–almost distrusting.

Rosalee, ever the voice of reason, tells Nick that Adalind is scared.  But Nick, who’s been heartbroken once by a very similar situation, is understandably uneasy.  I can understand why both Adalind and Nick are keeping secrets, but it would be better for both of them–but great for their son–if they communicated with each other.  Then again, this is a television drama we’re watching.

Later, while Nick is out working the case of the week, Eve visits Adalind at the fome, armed with two warnings.  One: Black Claw will try to approach Adalind and draw her in (which Adalind has some idea of, considering her conversation with Renard about Diana a few episodes ago).  Two: If Adalind hurts Nick, Eve will come for her.

2016-04-16 (33).png

I guess Eve is trying to make up for all of the deplorable things she did to Nick while she was still Juliette.

I’m not spending the night down here.  And I have to pee.”

Nick desperately wants to know what exactly the tunnels at the fome lead to.  While he’s busy with the case and Adalind is at a job interview at her old law firm, he enlists the help of Monroe and Rosalee to investigate the tunnels themselves.  He wanted them to look at the tunnels while Adalind was not home, because he can’t even trust the mother of his son.

I’m not quite sure how long they were down in the tunnels, but they did manage to find a new friend.

2016-04-16 (22)

Should we give him/her a name?


And they also managed to get stuck in the tunnels after they heard Adalind come back home from her job interview.  Fun times.


Ah, yes, you read that correctly.  Rachel Wood has done her job well, hasn’t she?  At the end of the episode, Renard comes home, but Rachel is already waiting for him at the top of the stairs.  And, somehow, she has Diana with her.

2016-04-16 (34)

Someone please explain her rapid aging to me.


The last time we saw Diana, she was a toddler in a helicopter being taken by Meisner to who-knows-where.  And now both Meisner and Diana are in Portland and we don’t really know how either of them got there.  unless that helicopter never did get very far.

Renard seems genuinely surprised and happy to see his daughter, though whether it’s because he really wanted to see her or it’s for his power grab is yet to be determined.  And, despite being separated from him for her entire life, Diana runs into her father’s arms (ok, but it’s kinda cute).

2016-04-16 (37)

Because I’m skeptical of Renard’s motivations, I can’t tell if this is a truly tender moment. 


Well, Renard has the daughter, but now he needs the wife to complete that happy family.  And I think we know just the person to fill that role.


Everything gets more complicated: “Bad Luck” Recap

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Finally, after a grueling mini-hiatus, Grimm is back!

This week’s episode, “Bad Luck,” was a play on two things: the tale of Peter Rabbit and the superstition of the lucky rabbit’s foot. In the Wesen world, the foot of a rabbit Wesen is supposed to work for fertility.

But the real “bad luck” of the episode came to Nick and Juliette.

The episode began immediately from where we left off before the hiatus, which has now become a trend for Grimm (even though the cliffhangers will always be killer).  Nick is initially upset that Juliette didn’t tell him that she was a Hexenbiest, but Juliette [rightfully] justifies herself to him.  Staying true to his character, Nick basically says that nothing can stop him and Juliette from being together.  At this point, so early on in the episode, I believed that nothing could stop them from loving each other.

Nick is out of his element through most of the episode, as he’s caught up in the case of the week immediately after he learns Juliette is a Hexenbiest.  This allows for Wu to shine when it comes to researching the new Willahara Wesen and for Hank to stop the suspect near the end of the episode.  Monroe and Rosalee even get involved, visiting a Wesen fertility clinic to learn that one of the nurses is behind the black market rabbit’s foot deals.

Nick visits Henrietta, and at last the theories about using Nick’s blood to save Juliette are dispelled.  Henrietta tells Nick that Juliette cannot be saved because his blood already runs in Adalind (so maybe removing a Hexenbiest’s powers is a one-time deal?).

When Nick and Juliette are together again, she wants to know if he really is serious about loving her.  Nick has a great line: “You learned how to understand me; now I have to learn how to understand you.”  Again, I almost thought my precious Nick and Juliette would be okay.

And then Juliette woged for Nick, and he could barely look at her.  She calls him out on it, embracing her Hexenbiest self, and I continue to love her more than anyone else on Grimm.

The biggest bombshell came at the end of the episode: Adalind visits Henrietta and learns that she’s going to have another baby.  Not only is this a twist for the story, but it means that Claire Coffee’s pregnancy got worked into the show!

Oh, and Nick is the father.

(Warning: the beginning of this promo is hilarious.)

We should change the name of the show to “Juliette”: “Marechaussee” recap

I’d like to start off this week’s post by congratulating the Grimm cast and crew on getting renewed for a fifth season!  This means that season 5 will include Grimm‘s 100th episode–that’s quite the milestone!

Oh, what a week it was  for us Grimmsters.  Juliette Silverton is officially my hero.

This week’s monster, the Manticore, a half-lion, half-scorpion beast, was a bounty hunter named Jonathan Wilde on the hunt for unlawful Wesen.  This wouldn’t have been a major problem if there hadn’t been a bounty placed on Nick.  The Wesen Council was behind all of this, of course, being the shady organization that they are.

Wu found out that he, Nick, and Hank were looking for a  Manticore before the Grimm himself could figure it out.  Wu’s turning out to be the most eager of the Scooby gang in learning about Wesen.

Adalind’s bkac in Portland, this time with Viktor (Welcome back, Claire!).  She wants her Hexenbaby back, and she’s not going top stop until she gets her.  There’s no way she’s going to fall for Renard’s loopholes this time.

We also saw some more interaction between Juliette and Henrietta. Henrietta takes some of Juliette’s blood to “synchretize” it in a vial and find out what Juliette is made of.   Juliette’s toxic Hexenbiest blood burns an endless black hole through Henrietta’s floor.  I know that’s not a good thing, but Juliette’s Hexenbiest powers are too awesome, so I overlooked the severity of what this could mean.

For now it seems like there’s no way to cure Juliette, and I don’t mind that at all.  This Hexenbiest story line is proving to be one of the strongest subplots the show’s ever done.  I’ve always loved Juliette, but now she’s getting the character development she deserves.

Wilde, the Manticore, though he could trap Nick by threatening to kill Juliette.  But, of course, Juliette defends herself, killing him with her Hexenbiest powers by piercing him with his own scorpion stinger.  As a human, she knew how to defend herself with a gun or her own fists. But Hexenbiest Juliette is unstoppable.

Another note: 

Bitsie’s French bulldog Henry made his TV debut!  Look at how adorable he is!

Via @NBCGrimm on Twitter.

Via @NBCGrimm on Twitter.


Quote of the week (from Juliette):

“You can’t protect me, Nick. That’s something I’m going to have to do for myself.”

Next week is the much-anticipated showdown between Juliette and Adalind. I could spend plenty of time writing about how amazing this is going to be, but I’ll just wait to do that next week.

“Grimm” parodies ghost-hunting shows, but Juliette steals the show

“Death Do Us Part” started out as a blatant parody of ghost hunting shows (like Ghost Hunters on SyFy or Ghost Adventures on Travel).  Three “Ghost Seekers,” as they call themselves, search for ghosts in an abandoned house with their own handheld cameras.  The leader of the group is intentionally over-dramatic with his delivery of facts on the haunted house.  It’s all very clever satire on the part of the Grimm writers.  The Ghost Seekers hark back to the [in]famous Ghostfacers from Supernatural.

The electric eel-type Wesen of the week is called the Matanca Zumbido.  The man behind the woge, Stetson, was delusional, constantly remembering his dead wife through flashbacks.  But hey, at least he can light up an entire house (maybe he’s a possible alternative energy source?).

I think we can all agree that we need it to offset the intensity of the plot.  With season 4, not only do we get our cases, but we get plenty of plot, too.  Juliette was the center of the plot this week (and if you’ve seen my other blog posts, you’ll know that this makes me very happy).  She is trying to come to terms with her new Hexenbiest self, which is turning out to be a strong storyline, by turning to Renard.  Usually my favorite line from an episode comes from Wu or Monroe, but tonight, it  came from Juliette after she blew up a man’s car.  “Did I do that? I didn’t do that. Did I?” Bitsie’s delivery of this line conveyed the innocence that Juliette has and her own uncertainty  with her powers. I look forward to the continuing evolution of Juliette.

Meanwhile, she’s struggling with the fear in the back of her mind that Nick will find out what she is and try to kill her.  She isn’t herself, and–I think–Nick seems to notice, but he is too caught up in case work to ask her.  The end of the episode leads Juliette to a mysterious woman named Henrietta–will she help Juliette or try to make her evil?  I would think that Renard is trying to help Juliette, but I still don’t know which side he is on.

Wu is really trying to be a helpful contribution to the Wesen case.  Even he spends his free time in the trailer, and he even recognizes the Matanca Zumbido before Nick and Hank are able to go to the trailer.  Luckily, his sense of humor hasn’t changed.

Other highlights:

  • We saw Monroe and Rosalee for like a millisecond.  Finally, finally, they are enjoying their honeymoon.  It only took half a season.
  • Shirtless Nick.
  • Shirtless Renard–even if it was because his former bullet wounds were bleeding.  It wasn’t quite #ShirtlessRage, but who cares? Looks like his mother’s spell isn’t holding up.

Next week, a bounty hunter (looks like a Manticore) comes after Nick, and it looks like Juliette is involved, too.  Something tells me Juliette’s going to be the one to finish this bounty hunter off. But will Nick find out she’s a Hexenbiest?


Three cliffhangers later…

Grimm will return to our TV screens January 9 with “Wesenrein.”  I’ll still be updating the blog so you can get your Grimm fix, even when there are no new episodes.

Let’s discuss those cliffhangers we were left with from the midseason finale.

  • Wu knows the truth!

Poor Wu.  I hoped that learning the truth about Wesen would help him like it did Hank, but now he’s detained.  Knowing  Nick, Hank, and Renard, though, they’ll find some way to free Wu and get him whatever support he needs to acclimate to a new reality.

  • Monroe’s been taken!

The Secundum Naturae Ordinem (a.k.a Wesenrein) kidnapped Monroe the night before he and Rosalee were supposed to leave for their honeymoon (I knew there was something shady about that cop).  According to an interview from zap2it with Bitsie Tulloch, this is kick-starting a two-part episode for when Grimm returns.  I just hope that Monroe and Rosalee finally get to go on their honeymoon.

And, finally…

  • Juliette is a Hexenbiest! 

I screamed, “OH MY GOD!” at the television when Juliette woged.  I shared her shock for a moment.  And then I realized that we already know how to cure her.  According to Tulloch, Juliette won’t be telling anyone about it anytime soon. Thank goodness we already know the blood of a Grimm will be able to cure her.

Another note:

Bitsie Tulloch tweeted about Grimm‘s upcoming syndication and included a link to the blog!  Bree Turner and David Giuntoli even retweeted Bitsie, and this site has been getting a lot of traffic.

Thanks for reading (and if you’re a cast member, you’re part of my favorite TV ensemble and I love you)!  This blog started out as an assignment for college, but now it means so much more.