Releasing the Devil within: “The Believer” Recap

“We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

This week’s Grimm featured a reversal of our normal case of the week format: there was no true evil character.

The episode started with Nick and Hank briefing Monroe and Rosalee on Renard’s involvement with Andrew Dixon’s death.  Monroe says he never really trusted Renard.  The consensus here is that they won’t wholly trust Renard, because they do not know the extent of his involvement in Dixon’s murder.

Monroe gets a call from Ian Krieger, his professor friend, and sets up an appointment so Ian can help them analyze the cloth that was wrapped around the magical healing stick.

Not too much later, Eve visits the spice shop, looking fabulous.

2016-04-09 (1).png

I like this black wig.


She tells everyone that she is using that morphing potion to turn into Renard, and she asks for Nick and Hank’s help to make sure that, whenever she is Renard, she is nowhere near where he is.  She thinks that morphing into Renard is the best way to get the information she needs about his role in Dixon’s death and his mayoral candidacy.

Later, we witness a large church service led by Dwight Eleazar, a traveling priest whose entire mantra is that there is great evil in the world that we must confront.  He gathers a group of passionate followers who all come to see him take all of their sins and become possessed by the Devil himself.

But we viewers know that Dwight is not actually possessed by Satan.  He is simply a new Wesen called the Furis Rubian.  He woges for the crowd, then compels the “Devil” to leave his body.

During this entire scene, a man named Benjamin McCullogh is taking a super secret iPhone video of Dwight (which is prohibited at his services).

2016-04-09 (2).png

Super sneaky.


A guard notices Benjamin taking the video and attempts to stop him, which results in a fight outside of the tent.  Benjamin accidentally kills the guard and runs off before other guards can catch up to him.  Now is the time to cue our heroes on the scene.

Nick and Hank meet Dwight Eleazar himself, who claims to our heroes that he is not a performer.  He is invested in casting out the Devil.

But Nick and Hank don’t buy it.

Meanwhile, Benjamin takes the video back to his own church, the Church of the Word of God.  The leader of this church, Joan Vark, wants to “save” Dwight and cast the Devil out of his body.  Hmmmm, I wonder why she is so interested in helping him?

We have to wait a little while to get the answer to that question.  Back at the precinct, Nick and Hank learn that all of Dwight’s guards had previous criminal histories that suddenly stopped (most likely when they found religion).  Benjamin, too, had his own criminal past that also stopped.

During this time, Wu gets a random muscle strain in his neck.  This is definitely a side effect of that lycanthrope scratch he received two episodes ago.

Nick and Hank learn from Monroe and Rosalee that Dwight is definitely a Furis Rubian.  This type of Wesen has been mistaken for the Devil for hundreds of years, but is not usually a violent species.

Wu does some more research on his own at the precinct and stumbles upon an interesting piece of information: Dwight Eleazar and Joan Vark were married for 15 months.

2016-04-09 (20).png

During this scene, Wu’s sense are heightened.  Hmmm, another side effect of that lycanthrope scratch, I see.

It turns out that Joan Vark wants to save Dwight–in her own scheming way.  Mark, one of Dwight’s guards, betrays him and conspires with the Church of the Word of God to “save” Dwight.  In exchange, he is intended to receive gold coins worth thousands of dollars.

Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee go to the second night of Dwight’s Portland services and see him woge in public.  Everyone in the tent except for them is shocked by Dwight’s performance.

Afterward, Nick and Hank visit Dwight’s trailer and talk to him about his work.  Nick tells him that he is a Grimm, and, for a moment, Dwight tries to deny that he knows what Nick is talking about.  But when he does woge, he seems almost indifferent to Nick’s “duty” as a Grimm to kill him.

“I have a gift, and I use it to help people,” Dwight says.  This is a Wesen who has no desire to harm people.  He actually believes that he is doing more harm than good.

That’s why the end of Dwight’s story is so tragic.  The Church of the Word of God does end up kidnapping him in order to cast the Devil out of his body.  Mark, his guard, disgusted by his betrayal of Dwight, hangs himself.

Back at Joan’s church, each member takes a turn sticking a hot poker in Dwight’s body.  Now, I’ve never performed an exorcism, but usually there’s a lot of chanting in Latin on Supernatural.  These people, unaware that Dwight is Wesen, are the ones who are doing more harm than good.

2016-04-09 (26)

Our heroes arrive (and Renard, too) just before Dwight dies.  It’s a sad end to the story of a Wesen who believed that he was helping people.  But the only justice is that the people of Joan’s church are all arrested.

Here are some other important notes from “The Believer”:

  • Renard participates in his first debate.

2016-04-09 (10).png

Gun control was the big topic of the mayoral debate between Renard and his challenger.  And, while Renard wasn’t horrible at the debate, he did not perform as well as he could have, given his usual strong demeanor.

  • Eve becomes Renard for a few hours.

Eve takes on the form of Renard and visits his home.  Rachel shows up, and Eve attempts to ask questions to her in order to get some vital information.  But all Rachel wants to do is have sex, which leads to disaster and hilarity.  I don’t think Eve was quite expecting her first outing as Renard to go so horribly.

Sasha Roiz deserves big praise for his portrayal of Eve, though.  He nailed her cadences, vocal tone, and deadpan facial expressions.  He was so much fun to watch and I can’t wait to see more of it.

  • Ian Krieger studies the cloth.

At the end of the episode, Nick, Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee visit Ian Krieger’s lab.  He runs a thermal imaging test on the cloth and fins text in Aramaic and Latin.  Thermal imaging also shows the silhouette of the stick itself, and Monroe has to make up a story that his uncle Felix had had the cloth in his attic for many years.

2016-04-09 (31).png

Back at the Spice Shop, our heroes start decoding the Latin.  They decipher two words: miraculum (miracle) and periculosum (hazardous, dangerous).  So, it looks like our magical healing stick is a dangerous miracle.  That doesn’t sound like something we don’t already know.

Next week, Adalind’s Hexenbiest powers come back in full force.  And it seems like we could have another possible #BiestFight on our hands.

And, as you probably know by now, Grimm has been renewed for a sixth season!





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