Best “Grimm” Moments in Season 4

Well, Grimmsters, it’s been a month since season 4 ended.  How are you all doing with Grimm withdrawals?  I definitely miss the show, but luckily I’ve got Hannibal to get me through the summer.

Back in April I asked you all on Twitter what your favorite moments of season 4 were (of course, this was before the INSANE finale).  Here’s a list of what you thought were some of the best moments (along with my own).


Renard did have some great lines this season, especially in reference to all the insanity occurring in the story lines this season.

For example, this tweet has one of his great lines:

I know there are a lot of Sasha Roiz fans out there, so how about all the #ShirtlessRage we got this year?


Oh, yes, it was so satisfying when Nick finally got his powers back.  That has to be one of the best moments this season, even thought it meant that Trubel left Portland for most of the season.  Trubel is a great addition to the cast, and I’m interested to see what season 5 has in store for her.


A Monrosalee child would be a wonderful thing to have.  I can already see Rosalee teaching a child how to make potions and Monroe introducing him/her to clocks…they’d be adorable parents.


I thought the tribunal story line was going to be the most intense plot of the season, but I was wrong about that.  I loved that we got such a great subplot in the middle of the season, but the best part about the tribunal was when Rosalee got revenge on the Wesenrein.


Diana proved to be pretty fantastic in the finale, especially for a toddler.  She took down King Frederick and reunited with Meisner.  Hopefully she can reunite with Adalind next season.

You made a great list, Grimmsters.  Here’s a few more moments I think are worth noting:

1. Juliette discovering she was turned into a Hexenbeist, just for the mere shock value.

2. #Biestfight, the epic showdown between Juliette and Adalind.  I mean, I did spend almost an entire blog post writing about it.

3. Trubel kills Juliette: I’m still not over this moment and I’m not ready to say goodbye to Juliette, but Grimm finally took a big step by killing off one of the main cast members.  Of course, I’m assuming that Juliette is dead for good and isn’t coming back.

4. Wu, researching and becoming a member of the Grimm Scooby squad: Wu became a valuable member to the team this year who was surprisingly comfortable with the Wesen world.  Also, it was pretty great when he showed up with a shotgun to the Royals’ mansion.

Of course, Grimmsters, there were a couple of moments this season that were just hard to watch (and you probably know what they are).

1. Juliette burns the trailer: This was just plain awful.  Losing the trailer felt like losing a character.  Sure, we have a few resources left, but most of it is just gone.  Maybe Nick and Trubel can work on restoring the volumes of Wesen lore through  their own experiences now.

2. Nick opens a box with Kelly’s head inside of it: Again, this was just awful and sad, and Nick’s scream was so hard to listen to.

Well, Grimmsters, I hope this blog post helps you get through your withdrawals.  Do you have any other moments you want to share with me?  Is there anything I missed?  Let me know on Twitter (@GrimmBlog) or in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Best “Grimm” Moments in Season 4

  1. I’m glad Juliette is gone she’s been a pain in the show since she went in a coma, and burning down the trailer, getting Nicks mother assassinated … She needed to go


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